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GMM Lil Mari Was Arrested And Sentenced To 12 Years

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A chicago rapper who doesn’t curse in his music, first started rapping in 2008 and dropped his music videos on YouTube in 2013 with the help of his older cousin Rastabwoykell. They garnered over thousands of views on their music videos with his highest reaching 7.7k views and dropped 2 mixtapes. On 11/10/22 GMM Lil Mari was arrested. With his case constantly being pushed back, he didn’t know what his future would look like. It would be a year and some months later before he was finally sentenced to 12 years. Now with a 2032 release date Get Money Mob continues to promote #FreeMari until he’s free. Purchase a Free Mari T-shirt from our shop, take a picture in it, and hashtag #FreeMari to show support.

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