Born January 16th 1995 is a Rastafarian rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer from Chicago, IL. Considered one of the pioneers of Trap Reggae, his musical career was marked by fusing elements of Reggae, Hiphop, and Sound Healing as well as his distinctive vocal and trap influenced production style. At age 15, Rastabwoykell and John Sol built their first home studio on a low budget. While just starting off, he lacked experience  and equipment but as he started working with other artist such as Dgainz, DruBeatz and juapo kavali, he began learning and gradually picking up techniques that would put his own work on the map. Thru John Sol Rastabwoykell had met Everton. Everton was jamaican and his father was a rastaman. He was thinking of taking the trod himself and Rastabwoykell decided he’d take it with him, so they both kinda did it together. He had introduced Rastabwoykell to Sizzla, Bob Marley and Rastafari. Birdy Montana took Rastabwoykell under his wing and taught him the ropes of the music industry.In August 2013 he was 18 years old and couldn’t get a job in Chicago Illinois because of his hair and weed in his system, plus he had a 11 month year old son that he needed to provide for. So he started Selling weed, shooting music videos and recording artists. That’s when he fell in love with working for himself and created RastaBwoyproductions. On June 21st in 2015 he was mentored by the legendary Dgainz.On August 23 2017 the Chicago Police stole his camera and all of his equipment when they arrested him, and tried to accuse him of stealing his own camera and equipment. The charges were dropped but the equipment was not returned to him. That’s when he realized that without a camera and clients he couldn’t run his business that he worked so hard to build and if he couldnt run his business he couldn’t work for himself anymore. For a while he was depressed being without a camera and people kept hitting him up for videos and it hurt him everytime to tell them that he didnt have a camera anymore and couldnt help them. He wasnt even sure if he would ever get one again. So he left that dream alone and focused on ways to make money independently as a artist. Surprisingly around his birthday his family put some money together to get him a new camera. Once he got his new camera he used that camera, his studio, the knowledge he learned about being a independent artist and the internet to rebuild and rebrand his business in a way where he didn’t have to rely on other artists to keep his business going and he could still help other artists by helping himself as a artist. In 2020 the Chicago native Rastabwoykell and his family turned “GMM” Get Money Mob into a official record label. The former group turned independent label includes members GMM LiL Mari, & GMM Maino.