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GMM Lil Mari - 7 Days

Lil Mari's 2nd Mixtape . He's Still On The Rise.

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RastaBwoyKell - Trapsta Fari

Two worlds that most people thought could never blend together because of their differences. GMMRastaBwoyKell a rapper, producer, and director brings the two worlds of Reggae and Trap music together on a project titled "Trapsta Fari". The name itself tells you that this is no ordinary project, and the instrumentation of each song reflects that.

RastaBwoyKell - Nyabinghi Trapstafari

RastaBwoyKell brings forth the shared Roots of Hiphop and Reggae while also keeping the Chicago Roots of Reggae


Rastaman Laflare takes "Im the righteous and unrighteous" and dives into a darker side of RastaBwoyKell, taking us to a place where Angels FEAR to tread.

RastaBwoyKell - Revelation 19

#Revelation19 tells the story of the Angel that was sent by God to keep us in the Way. It also features Rastabwoykell’s Collaboration with DruBeatz on “Dark & Light” and The Coronation Psalm of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I titled “Fear”


"If you ask me, Kell is one of the most unique MCs that I’ve heard in a while & 6/8 could very well be the best project he’s attached is name onto yet. His sound is completely unlike any other & the songwriting really hits listeners in the soul." - UndergroundHipHopBlog

GMM Lil Mari

Lil Mari's first mixtape

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